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Skills weakening too slow

I am not sure what is used in the background to determine when skills "weaken", but I feel like they aren't weakening fast enough for me.

I have kept up my streak since I started 2 weeks ago, day one I blew through the first 10 or so lessons since I already studied on my own and took a couple classes, then every day I kept up my skills by doing the strengthening before starting any new lessons.

However, I began to notice the past couple days, that the ones it's telling me I need to practice, I should have practiced a few days ago. I am basically re-learning the entire lesson rather than just reviewing, making nearly as many, if not more, mistakes than I get right.

Is there a way to "speed up" the decline of skills to drop them out of gold faster? I've got all gold skills now, but I'm going through the strengthening anyway so that I can make sure I actually know the words, not that Duolingo thinks I know them.

I'm not aiming for perfection, I know it's reasonable to make a few mistakes on review, that's the whole point of it being a review. But having my hit miss rate around 50/50 seems a bit much to call the skill "gold" again.

February 5, 2018



Most people complain it's too fast not too slow! If I really want to improve my skills, I keep practicing when it's gold.


I figured it might be split like that, things like this usually are. I plan to do extra practices to get the language to stick. We'll see how it goes!


Love your pic! You know when you are competent at something. You know how much you need to review. And you know when you know something too!


I'm with you, I need to practice a lot more than Duo thinks I need to! I always do several Strengthen Skills sets before doing something new, even if everything is gold. I didn't finish the French tree until I was at something like level 20, even though I saw others finish at level 12 or 13.


I didn't think I'd be alone on this, good to know. I'm going to make sure I hit a few extra practice before anything new to make sure I keep up the language skills then, that sounds like a good idea.


You are lucky they at least get weaken, my lessons are always gold (even if I don't practice for an entire week) I don't know what to review. I sent a message to the support team but their solutions are..well...useless. the algorithm for weakening skills is broken.


I think we just have to deal with the fact that this algorithm doesn't work properly. So, inelegant as it may be, I just go through the tree, doggedly, and leave myself notes where I am.

It's not even that I make mistakes - it's knowing that recognition memory has just saved me, where recall would have failed.


Yeah, that's why I've been going through the computer version of Japanese instead of the app version. The app requires using the "word bank" where the computer version lets you type. I'd rather try and remember completely than get the recall hints

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