Acerca de los Clubs // About the clubs

¿Por que cuando creo un Club, no se une nadie? Ya cheque el la configuración para permitir que sea publico pero nadie entra. Tal vez debo volverlo popular, pues se llama BTS ARMY, para aprender inglés con personas a las que les guste el titulo, jaja Únanse, el código es: 4ZU37P || Why when I create a Club, does not anyone join? I already check the configuration to allow it to be public but nobody enters. Maybe I should make it popular, it's called BTS ARMY, to learn English with people who like the title, haha ​​Join, the code is: 4ZU37P

February 5, 2018

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And where do you find this ..."Clubs"? I have read about them in the Forum but I do not know what they are :(

February 8, 2018

si memeto atu club

February 13, 2018

que ridiculo

February 13, 2018
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