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Masculine, Feminine, Nueter

I am confused on which words are feminine or masculine and how to tell what word is what gender. Ive looked at a few other discussions that explain it but i dont get it. Can someone please help? Danke

February 5, 2018



I suggest to learn the words with the defined article together. You have to memorize them and for most many words its gender is not knowable from the letters.

So learn car - das Auto, bear - der Bär, edge - die Kante. Then you always learn the gender for your words.


Hi jerry, here are some characteristics, which will help you to determine the gender:



You literally have to memorise each one and they don't always make sense. Girl is a neutral gender word for example. Gender is the one thing I dislike most about the German language, but you need to know it because it impacts so much else.


The neutral form for Mädchen actully makes sence, as it is a minimization and all of those (ending with -chen or -lein) are neutral.

As far as I know it comes from Mägdchen (kleine Magd = little maidservant), and the letter g was dropped at some point.

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jerry - I don't get how someone could explain it; but there are clues that work for some cases. Most of it is hard memorization.


Two things saved my sanity: color-coding, and this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrUNyXfnf9Q

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