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  5. "Voi navigați foarte mult."

"Voi navigați foarte mult."

Translation:You sail very much.

February 5, 2018



You sail very much...sounds somewhat off, I could be wrong.

You sail a lot would not be ok here?


"You sail a lot" is better, indeed.


Yes "you sail very much" is frankly wrong in England! "very frequently" might convey the meaning of foarte mult better.


Thoughts on "you sail very often"? I'm guessing it might be correctly marked wrong as there's probably a different adjective that better fits "often" but sailing a lot seemed equivalent to sailing often.

So, I'm guessing right idea but shouldn't be accepted as translation?


I'd have to agree as frequently (which i suggested above) and often are pretty much the same!


Wiktionary says "a naviga" usually means "to navigate"? Can it mean both sail and navigate?


I can't answer for Romanian usage, but the word "navigate" certainly has its roots in sailing (it's where the word navy comes from.) There seems to be some semantic ambiguity between navigation and sailing in other languages too, like how "Henrique o Navegador" is rendered in Dutch as "Hendrik de Zeevaarder" (the famous portuguese prince of course)


No native English speaker would say that.

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