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A Chinese Song I found

This is a Chinese song I listen to, I understand very little of it so far, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d59boCs31uM=RDd59boCs31uM

February 5, 2018



hehe, i am Chinese I understand everythinggggg!!!!


I think you just opened a portal to another dimension.


This song seems to have something to do with a film, which perhaps makes its elements less bizarrely random (or perhaps not!)


Nothing to do with a film, the intro is in (less than authentic) Korean and is making fun of the dangers of plastic surgery (and presumably setting up the context for the following song about being "the apple of my eye", despite being hideous after unsuccessful surgery).

Intro aside, this song was a big hit a few years back, being played in every mall for months, and propelled the duo "Chopsticks Brothers" into nationwide stardom (or notoriety, depending if you loved or hated the song!) The dance moves have been copied as much as those of Gangnam Style within China.

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