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I have an idea to improve Duolingo even more!

Hi guys! If your an avid Duolingo user like me, you have probably noticed that end of "unit" tests can't be accessed after you have completed the whole topic. I personally think that you should be able to access them, even after you have completed the whole topic. This has many advantages, such as: - being able to recap whole sessions whenever you need to remember the vocab, grammar etc. - making your language learning experience so much faster

If you agree with me, please like this post, and share it with your friends.


February 5, 2018



If you want to refresh a skill, go to that skill and click Strengthen. Duo will select those part of the skill you need to refresh most.


I think the downside of strengthen vs test out is that when you test out you get the complete section and strengthen only offers partial strengthening and repeats things over and over ad nauseum such as Kuhe tragen keine hute. .I must have typed that originally cute, now annoying and useless phrase 200 times. Also there are words that don't get strengthened at all.

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widle - I guess with a 948 day streak going that you could be considered an avid Duo user.


"share it with your friends"?

I think you're mistaking Duolingo for a social media website such as Facebook... there's no sharing function here.


As widle stated, the "test out" button simply turns to "strengthen", doing basically the same, and what you ask for :)


i think they should add games to play based on the languages


How do we share it with friends here on Duo Lingo?


Good idea I think. However, in my experience DL developers don't listen to the users so you may be banging your head against a wall.


The main thing I'd like to see added to Duolingo is an infinite timed practice option. When I do daily practice here I run through timed practice until I hit 100XP, which generally means 5-6 time practice sets. I'd much rather have a timed practice that just goes forever until either you hit "done" or you run out of time. It would save me the (admittedly minor) annoyance of having to hit "practice again" and having to hear that ear-shatteringly loud trumpet jingle 4 or 5 times.

Hell, even a longer timed practice set (50 or 100 questions) would be very much welcome.

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