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  5. "velká láska"

"velká láska"

Translation:big love

February 5, 2018



"Large love" doesn't count? Happy to be corrected if this is genuinely a poor translation. Thanks!


Here in the US I have only ever heard/read "great love", never "big love" or "large love". As in "He was the great love of her life".


I agree, as does nGram. Probably worth reporting:



that is interesting, large love seems to have had some use when I zoom in.


FWIW, I (native AmE) think "great" is the best English translation in this phrase. I don't think I've ever heard or read "large love," but I can imagine "big love" in a colloquial context like "That's some BIG love he's got going on for her...!" But removing "big" and "large" as accepted alternatives would probably result in a whole lot of failures on this exercise.

UPDATE -- What I neglected to mention above is that "great" is also accepted.

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