Has anyone been able to speak fluent French from Duolingo?

February 5, 2018


I am still learning, but I think if you keep at it enough you can learn the language. I am not very good YET. I think it is possible.

While I think Duo is a great tool, you have to do more than just Duo to be able to converse.

I'm just starting out in French, so I am basing my comments on my experience in Spanish. I did the whole tree in Spanish (tested out of lots of it), plus took tons of one on one conversation classes (in Spanish speaking countries), plus watched hundreds of hours of telenovelas (Spanish-style soap operas), plus studied grammar online and in workbooks, etc. I eventually became "fluent" in Spanish, but it took all that.

Others may learn faster than me, but I do think you need real, face-to-face communication and be in situations where you are expressing your own thoughts to really learn a language.

if you continue to do Duolingo daily you definitely can in my opinion. Although i haven't been efficient yet,so I am not fluent in French.

Yeah. I am not fluent in french either. But I agree that if you keep up with it, defiantly you can get better! :)

I am making real effort but lack regularity.

I don't think so. Duolingo is a very good app but it's not enough. You'd better learn more with assimil, talk with some app...

I am able to say small phrases, and I am getting better at reading French and understanding it here and there, but I do not think I will be able to be fully fluent until I begin immersing myself in the language somewhere.

I think you need to put yourself in active mode - practice producing language, not just understanding (passive). And duolingo can't help with that directly. Apart from actual conversations with real people perhaps talking to yourself can get you quite close to fluent. If you can't speak yet, try writing, gives you more time. Also translating books (as in whole chunks of continuous text) into language you want to learn is a nice active exercise.

Nope. in possible. i started off with duolingo where i got 50% of my knowledge then i broadened it elsewhere and now im fully conversational and fluent :)

don't mind my level in french, i restarted it :)

I am not so fluent in French, but I can speak a little a bit of it.

i think it is i like to listen to music in French than watch the lyrics in both English and French i like to see what i now in the song. but i cant speak to someone who nows both English and French (or at least not online )

no, but I can speak good French if you would like to practice.

Je pense que c'est très bien pour lire et écrire mais pas pour parler. I learned some French in Grammar school 50+ years ago and have just started this course a week ago. I've dredged up a lot of what I learned plus some but I can see a need to speak it more. It's very good though and I will learn a lot from this course.

I am not fluent, but it has helped me greatly by slowly expanding my French vocabulary. Through dedicated studying, practice, and a little bit of immersion, I am positive that becoming "fluent" will only take a few months.

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