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"I love the Dutch landscape!"

Translation:Ik houd van het Nederlandse landschap!

7 months ago


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Hello, I have a question. My textbook says that the words ending with "schap" (and "heid") use the article "de", nevertheless woordenlijst.org claims, as same as Duolingo, that "landschap" is actually "het" word. Is my textbook wrong or are there some exceptions of this rule?

7 months ago

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"Landschap" definitely takes "het" as the article, but as far as other Dutch words ending in -schap, those you'd have to learn by heart as some take "de" and some take "het." For example: de wetenschap (the science), de gemeenschap (the community), de blijdschap (the happiness), het lidmaatschap (the membership), het gereedschap (the tools, the equipment), het kampioenschap (the championship). As far as words ending in -heid, they are all "de" words.

7 months ago