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"Why does this person hate me?"

Translation:Proč mě tenhle člověk nenávidí?

February 5, 2018



Bylo by "proč tato osoba mě nenávidí" správné? Nechápu dobře kde slovo "mě" musí být ve větě.


Mě je klitika (příklonka) a staví se za první přízvučné slovo ve větě. Tím je typicky první slovo věty, nepočítaje předložky, ukazovací zájmena, přívlastky... Takže zde patří "mě" na druhou pozici ve větě.

Mě is a clitic and is used right after the first stressed word in the sentence. That word is typically the first word of the sentence, not counting prepositions, pointing pronouns, adjectives... So here "mě" belongs to the second position in the sentence.


Thank you, I keep forgetting this little quirk...


In Tips and Notes "mě" is not "flagged" as clitic by italic letters. Maybe a mistake?


No, "mě" is not the kind of clitic "ho" is. The former is "inconstant", the latter "constant". All that means is that "mě" does not have to to second. Unfortunately, that just gives our users more ways to mess the sentence up. If you do not use "mě" as a clitic, you have just elevated its significance to the point of needing to put it last.


Proc nenavidi me tenhle clovek?


Mě is a clitic and is used right after the first unit of meaning in the sentence. (see my previous answer to Translingual).


I wrote "Proc me ten clovek nenavidi?" which was not correct. Is the "hle" always needed, or should my sentence be accepted? I reported the issue.


This course distinguishes two groups of demonstratives:

the/that - ten, tamten, tamhleten

this - tento, tenhle, tenhleten

Not everywhere it is clear-cut and depending on the context the border could be fuzzy but this is the current state and it is pretty consistent throughout the course.

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