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Swahili graduation soon? (What do you think?)

My Swahili tree still has the yellow "in beta" ribbon, however if you look at the incubator page, it seems that it's in Phase 3.


A glitch or a work in progress? I noticed this yesterday and I would have expected it to be either officially announced or silently fixed by now.

February 5, 2018



I think they should add audio and fix errors first, it's no good that Duolingo has allowed it to go for this long without audio and without a single explanation. If for some reason they can't have recordings then use a robot voice but no audio is not sufficient for Duolingo.


I wonder if the audio got held up over a debate about whether or not a TTS voice would suffice and if not who would record the sentences. Even if it's like Ukrainian or Vietnamese where you have audio for a few but not all of the sentences, that would be better than nothing. (Although I appreciate the pronunciation guide in the Tips & notes).


It won’t graduate without audio, surely?


We demand a hearing!


The team did promise audio, so I do hope that audio gets added soon, however the requirements to get a course out of beta is to have only 2-3 reports for every 100 exercises done of the current material. I'm not sure what this could mean about the course status.


High Valyrian did. Graduation is merely an indication that reports per user have kept below a certain number within a certain period of time.


And people have stopped reporting? Because I just checked a few lessons and there are definitely still errors and things that need fixing.


That might well be the case. If too few people bother to do any significant part of the course (due to lack of audio, say, which I'm sure puts off many people using the app), then I suppose it would graduate by default, as the earliest lessons will generate few, if any, reports.


That makes sense if I have reported something five or six times I consider it reported. Really I think Duolingo should put it back into beta because a soundless course full of errors is not the best impression for new users.


Are they seriously going to get it out of beta without audio? I really hope not.

EDIT: It's actually out of beta: https://imgur.com/a/rsRZS

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