"We are listening to you."

Translation:Nous vous écoutons.

February 5, 2018

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On t'écoute is correct. The te contracts to t' in front of a vowel or an h muet. Also, don't forget your accent on écoute.


I thought we learned earlier that tu/te are never "contracted" as je can be contracted. Even when there is a double vowel, I thought the rule was tu écoutes or xxx te écoutxxx


Tu (the subject) never contracts, but te (as a direct or an indirect object) must contract when it comes before a vowel. In your first example, tu écoutes — you (subject) are listening. The second example is incomplete, but t'écoute means something or someone is listening to you, you (object) are being listened to.
Je t'écoute. — I am listening to you.
Elle t'écoute. — She is listening to you.
Ils t'écoutent. — They are listening to you.


thank you! i just got this wrong again (nous te écoutons), came to the discussion, and saw your reply. Hopefully, it will stick for the next time


Getting it wrong at first is all a part of the process. Next time you'll be sure to remember. ;-)


Why is nous te ecoutons incorrect?


When pronouns ending in -e or -a are followed by a word beginning in a vowel, you must form an elision.

Nous t'écoutons is also correct.


i used ....nous te ecoutons it and is wrong? yet in previous question to use nous te was ok, not understanding why


Nous t'écoutons. Don't forget to make the elision between "te" and "écoutons".


This could also be "Nous t'écoutons"


After see the comments I understood. Thanks!


"Nous écoutons à toi" isn't also correct?


"Nous t'écoutons" is correct. The pronoun precedes the verb.


Besides, "écouter" has a direct object (no preposition).


"On écoute en tu" it did Not like my choice- can you please tell me why, Sitesurf?


I'm not Sitesurf, but I can tell you that that doesn't work in French. First of all "écouter" like "chercher" does not require a preposition in French, unlike English.

On écoute les oiseaux. → We are listening to the birds.
Je cherche mon sac. → I am looking for my bag.

Secondly, when you have a direct object pronoun, it precedes the verb. A pronoun, of course, replaces a noun. The direct object pronouns are me, m', te, t', le, la, l', nous, vous, les.

Nous les écoutons. → We are listening to them.
Je te cherche. → I am looking for you.


"On t'écoute" Why is this incorrect for We are listeing to you.


I checked, on t'écoute is correct and accepted provided there aren't any typos.


Why can't it be TE instead of VOUS?


Nous t'écoutons is correct


Nous t'écoutons - accepted. "t' " must bee added to word bank


When I used vous the first time it say an alternative was te. Why not in the reverse situation


Could you answer me Why "Nous te ecoutons" is not correct?


Because "te" should be " t' "


Skipping around in the lessons, I was just practicing some phrases with "en train de" and wonder why that's not used here. Maybe that comes later and so isn't used here? Or is there a grammatical reason not to use en train de?


There is apparently no way to figure out when to use tu or vous. I think it's for me to decide!

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