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Accusative words

Okay I’m having trouble understanding how all the trinkt and trinkst and eveything works. Is this correct: Trinke-ich Trinkst-du Trinkt-er/sie/es ihr Trinken-wir sie, Sie

Esse-ich Esst-ihr Isst-er/sie/es du Essen-wir sie,Sie Or does each ending word corresponds to one of them for each verb?!?!? And what about all the have’s there’s like 5

February 6, 2018



This is verb conjugation, it has nothing to do with the accusative.


Indeed! It's actually fairly simple once you figure it out. Trinke= I drink. Every verb that ends in an "E" is for I, me etc. Trinkst= she he etc. If it ends in a "T" or "st" then it is she he etc. However, sometimes if it ends in the "st" it is implying a question. Now trinken= they, we, and any formal words such as the formul "you" (Sie). Hope this wasn't too confusing and helped a bit!


ich trinke/esse, du trinkst/isst, er/sie/es trinkt/isst; wir trinken/essen, ihr trinkt/esst, sie trinken/essen


I see a question about verbs, but nothing about the Accusative.....

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