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"Er spricht unsere Sprache nicht."

Translation:He does not speak our language.

February 6, 2018



The smile and the Vegemite sandwich were the giveaway


Could this German sentence; "Er spricht unsere Sprache nicht," be meant figuratively, as in he just doesn't understand us?


"Er spricht unsere Sprache" was a slogan of H-C Strache of the right wing FPÖ in Austria a few years ago, so I think it can be meant figuratively.


"He speaks our language not" should be accepted here, unless 20+ years of speaking English is failing me.


@millivolt: May I ask if you are a native speaker? To me, your sentence sounds way too German (my native language...) and I cannot find any rule for your type of negation on the Internet. All grammar sites that I found say that negation with not is done putting an additional modal verb and negating it with "not", unless your verb was to be.


I think it technically could be correct, but it sounds very unnatural and almost poetic


It might be... that definitely sounds strange to me. I wouldn't accept it.


I think this negation construction without "do" is an archaic grammar structure. In the past English grammar indeed resembled the German in many aspects. As far as I know it would not be considered to be correct in modern English though, unless you go for an archaic vintage effect ;)


I agree with this. It's quite archaic and you wouldn't say it in any type of communication (conversation, in writing, etc). The only place you'd see it in contemporary American English is poetry or lyrics or something similar (for instance, plucking flower petals, 'he loves me, he loves me not'). Can't speak for British English, but that's how it is in America.


lol. Well, your 20+ years haven't done you any good :)


Perhaps in some comedy sketch you have heard: "He's speaking our language.... NOT!" However it is not correct English sentence structure.


Have those 20+ years been on the Shakespearean stage by chance? O.o

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