"Tunapanga chumba"

Translation:We are organizing the room

February 6, 2018

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My partner tells me that in common usage, "kupanga chumba" would typically refer to RENTING a room, rather than, say, rearranging its furniture.


Agreed, Kupanga means to plan from what I've learned.


'Organising' should not be listed as an incorrect spelling of 'Organizing'

[deactivated user]

    Standard Swahili Dictionary: panga [B] - kaa kwenye nyumba au chumba kisichokuwa mali yako kwa malipo ya pesa kila mwezi au muda uliowekwa. Nyumba hii nimeipanga So, to stay in a house or a room that does not belong to you for a monthly payment or some other timeframe I have rented this house


    does it mean arrange as arranging in the structure of the room?


    It must be similar to how in English you can talk about"living arrangements" where it could mean to both rent and organize aa space


    I answered "I arrange the room." Is that definitely wrong?

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