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I Don't Understand My French Homework!!!

So I've just moved schools and their level of French is way more advanced than mine. I have been set a homework task that I totally don'T understand. It says: I use QUE when/with/before .... I use QU'EST-CE-QUE when/with/before .... I use QUEL when/with/before .... I use QUOI when/with/before ....

I'm supposed to fill in the blanks (....)

Yikes, Help!!

February 6, 2018



I don't understand your hommework can u explain it better ( with an example)


i'm not a professional but i am going to explain. Que is a word that you can use in many sentenses. For example, you can use it for express the wonder : "Que tu es joli" (you are beautiful) Que is also a french word for ask a question, to get something from someone: "que penses-tu ?" (what do you think ?)

but when you talk about an object (for wonder) you will use: "Quel beau chapeau" (what a hat)

Quel can be used for asking a question to get an information but this is a little bit hard, you need to learn the cases: "Quel est ta couleur préférée ?" (what is your fafourite color ?)

Finally, quoi is "what" but you say it when you don't understeand of hear something. -Comment vas-tu ? (how are you) -quoi ? (what) it's also used to know what a person did or said -Tu manges quoi ? (what do you eat ?)

I saw in your question that your where confusing these words with before, when and with so: -when= quand -with=avec -before= avant

Hope that it will help you :-)

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