"Emilian anapenda mbwa"

Translation:Emilian loves a dog

February 6, 2018



So the plural for mbwa is also mbwa? Or does Swahili use the singular in these cases where English needs a plural? (

February 6, 2018


Yeah, mbwa is singular and plural. Most animal names belong to the so-called N-class and are identical in singular and plural. Iften, something else in the sentence helps you out.

Mbwa anakimbia. = The dog is running.
Mbwa wanakimbia. = The dogs are running.

You could also say:

Emilian anampenda mbwa. = Emilian loves the dog.
Emilian anawapenda mbwa. = Emilian loves the dogs.

Adding the object prefix to the verb makes it more likely to be interpreted as definite though, so the sentence with the simple anapenda is a bit better for a general statement.

February 7, 2018


So wouldn't it be better to say Emilian likes dogs?

May 28, 2018


Of course that is the correct answer. English grammar in this course is just totally appalling.

Natuurlijk is dat het goede antwoord. De Engelse grammatica in deze cursus is gewoon kut met peren (Warning: very colloquial Dutch :)

June 8, 2018
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