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When to use essen, isst, esse?

I might be wrong but if I understand correctly. I think

Essen - used with plural words like Wir / Sie

Esse - used when making reference to ones self example Ich (I) esse

Isst - used when making reference to someone else, sxample Du (you) isst

Am I correct about the use of these words?

February 6, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Yes, pretty much.

    Essen verb conjugation, present tense:

    • ich esse

    • du isst

    • er/sie/es isst

    • wir essen

    • ihr esst

    • sie/Sie essen


    Unless there's an animal and then it's frisst. ;)

    [deactivated user]

      Actually I think you can kind of use "essen" for animals, what you can't is use "fressen" for people. Unless you want to insult them of course...


      Also if you are capitalizing Essen you have the noun for "food", which is the same for singular and plural (the article still changes)


      so as a verb its not capitalized ?


      Ich - esse
      Du/er, sie, es - isst
      Wir/sie (plural) - essen
      Ihr - esst

      Here are conjugations with example sentences. There are also more forms, like conditional forms - for future reference :)

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