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When to use essen, isst, esse?

I might be wrong but if I understand correctly. I think

Essen - used with plural words like Wir / Sie

Esse - used when making reference to ones self example Ich (I) esse

Isst - used when making reference to someone else, sxample Du (you) isst

Am I correct about the use of these words?

February 6, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Yes, pretty much.

    Essen verb conjugation, present tense:

    • ich esse

    • du isst

    • er/sie/es isst

    • wir essen

    • ihr esst

    • sie/Sie essen


    Unless there's an animal and then it's frisst. ;)


    Also if you are capitalizing Essen you have the noun for "food", which is the same for singular and plural (the article still changes)


    so as a verb its not capitalized ?


    Ich - esse
    Du/er, sie, es - isst
    Wir/sie (plural) - essen
    Ihr - esst

    Here are conjugations with example sentences. There are also more forms, like conditional forms - for future reference :)

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