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  5. "Are you the manager?"

"Are you the manager?"

Translation:Bist du der Manager?

March 19, 2013



Why I got wrong when I wrote "Bist du der Geschäftsführer?". I simply don't understand.


Bist du der Geschäftsführer? is good as well in German, although you would rather say: Sind Sie der Geschäftsführer? because it is more polite and appropriate in a work-life situation where you do not know the other person.

If you went out for a beer, got to know a man and talked to him all night and two days later you visit a company and see him again lets say in a suit and you didn't know that he was 'the Geschäftsführer' then 'Bist du der Geschäftsführer?' would suit the situation :)


Thank you very much for detail explanation. I appreciate that.

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