"Celé odpoledne si hrál s počítačem."

Translation:He played with the computer all afternoon.

February 6, 2018

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is the computer seen more like a colleague rather than a tool? Or why do we have to use "s(e)" here?


no, because I seem not to be able to access them. Your link works, but if I simply press the "discuss" button, I land here, on a page where even my original question wasn't there, so I repeated it. That happens quite often, btw.: even when it shows a number of discussion entries in brackets the link goes to an empty page!


Because one is for the Czech->English sentence and one is for the opposite one. These are not the same threads.


Jak říkáte "He played with his computer all afternoon"?


se svým počítačem


"He played all afternoon with the computer" Why is this not an acceptable answer?


Why not past continuous? He was doing some activity for a period of time in the past. Also why not "on computer"? Was he playing with a computer case as a toy?


We currently accept both "on" and "with", both "a computer", "the computer", and "his computer", as well as "played", "was playing", "has been playing", and "had been playing". The lack of context allows for a wide range of possible forms.


"He played all afternoon with the computer" I would suggest is right in UK English despite mr bass' explanation. I would here similar constructions quite often with the placement of "all afternoon" at the end of a sentence. I am pressing, again, the my answer should be right button.

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