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"What language do you speak among yourselves?"

Translation:Jakým jazykem mezi sebou mluvíte?

February 6, 2018



Two suggestions for alternative translations (and maybe word order...): Ve které řečí se mezi sebou bavíte? Kterou řečí mezi sebou mluvíte? Acceptable?


Yeah, řeč is not accepted so far and it should be.


Hello! Jakým jazykem mezi sebou mluvíte? May I ask why jakým & jazykem are instrumenal? Thank you for your advice.


Because language is an instrument that you use when speaking. And "jaký" just follows "jazyk", they need to be the same case.

  • Jakým nožem krájíte chleba? - What knife do you cut bread with? i.e. What knife do you use to cut bread?
  • Jakou tramvají jezdíte do práce? - What tram do you take to work? i.e. What tram do you use to get to work?
  • Jakým jazykem mluvíte? - What language do you speak? i.e. What language do you use to communicate?


Thank you very much for your help always! I believe I have learned this but I totally forgot about it... ;-(

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