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"Čekáme na příjezd mezinárodního vlaku."

Translation:We are waiting for the arrival of an international train.

February 6, 2018



Could "the international train" work here?


Of course that should be accepted, it would actually be a more logical translation. Few people would ever wait for the arrival of any random train, most would be waiting for a specific one, especially if it is an international train.


I recalled it wrong.

But if you are waiting for a specific train, you can still say you are waiting for a train provided the person you are telling that does not know which specific train you are waiting for, can't you?


Sure, in some specific cases a translation with "a" is correct. In most cases the more natural translation would be with "the" though. It is weird that this is still not accepted.


Well, I personally am still a bit hesitant to accept it. That doesn't stop any other contributor to accept it though. I still feel like I would expect "toho mezinárodního vlaku" for "the international train".


I would say that there's not enough context here to make it clear whether 'a' or 'the' is better, both are possible. To be honest, I think one would be more likely to say 'I'm waiting for the (time) train' or 'I'm waiting for the train to (place)' than this.


I think it could, if you are in a train station where only one internation train stops and you mean that one.


That sounds like a possibility. Not sure if we should accept it though.


People are usually waiting for a specific train. It would make sense to accept the answer using the definite article "the".


We are waiting for an international train arrival - is it wrong?


It sounds very unlikely to me and I don't think it matches the Czech so closely.

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