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  5. "Tady nikdy mléko nekupujeme."

"Tady nikdy mléko nekupujeme."

Translation:We never buy milk here.

February 6, 2018



Are you in the process of preparing Tips and Notes for this Adverbs section?


Patience, my dear. We aim to provide TN for almost all lessons. However, the course is still in beta and we are all volunteers who surprisingly have real life to worry about as well.


I like your answer :D Thanks for the efforts for making such a good work.


Is there a reason why 'here we never buy milk' is wrong?


Am I right in reading this as a double negative in Czech? It looks like “we never don’t buy milk here.” Maybe it’s for emphasis?


The use of what looks like a "double negative" is very common in Czech. When used, the negative words don't "cancel each other out" as they often do in English.

Disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker of Czech (or a sufficiently-advanced student), so I can't give you a more precise explanation, but perhaps one of the native speakers will jump in.


Why "We never buy milk IN here" is marked wrong? "In" is an implicit preposition and it gives the same meaning, isn't?


My thinking, for what it may be worth...

One doesn't only or always buy milk IN "here." Probably it is usually bought IN a store, but it could also be bought at, say, a farmers' market, many (most?) of which are not "in"doors. More importantly, there is no "in" in the Czech sentence.

But you could try reporting your version as My Answer Should Be Accepted if you get this exercise again, and maybe it will become an accepted answer.


Why is "Here we never buy milk" not counted as correct?


It is a non-standard placement of the adverb "here" in a sentence like this. In a "positive" sentence like "Here is where we usually buy milk," it would be fine, while" a negative version like "Here is where we never buy milk" sounds strange.

Note also the inclusion of "is where" in the examples; without it, both "Here we usually buy milk" and "Here we never buy milk" sound odd.

UPDATE: I woke up with another thought...

While "Here we never buy milk" is unnatural as as a stand-alone sentence, it might reasonably be used in a specific context.

That would be where we are comparing "here," where we never buy milk. with some "there," where we sometimes, often or always buy it. Although the exercise lacks that context, we do have some reports for "Here we never buy milk," so perhaps we'll consider adding it later.


Many thanks, that's helpful!


What about "We never buy milk from here"?


Did you try it, and was it rejected?

I am native AmE, and I can easily imagine it on the English side. But I don't know if tady ("in this place") on the Czech side would or wouldn't allow for the addition of "from" in the English sentence."

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