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  5. "你不是学生。"


Translation:You are not a student.

February 6, 2018



Breaking this down for those who arent aware, 是 means a few things: - Yes/right (affirmative response) - being/to be (verb) So you can use it in a few ways, like 我是吃饭 to mean "I am eating rice" OR 是的 to mean "yes it is"


You don't say 我是吃饭, it is grammatically wrong. To express present continuous, you say 我在吃饭。

  • 她在睡觉。She's sleeping.

  • 李明在看书。Li Ming is reading a book.


Thanks but I was wondering isnt 不 a negative too ? Why would we also need to use 是 ?


不是 is like "Do not" like in "I do not..." and it can also be "is not/are not" Kinda same in English where "is" and "not are contradicting as well as "do" and "not"


I have the same doubt.


Seems like the answer is treating "aren't" as a typo (for "are not"), so letting people know and reporting it.


Speak this sentence should have an option where it slows down the speaking. Having 3 difference voices makes it tricky, especially when one voice says a word with a different tone.


Just a question: how do you properly pronounce 学?In pinyin, it is xue, but I hear it like xi or sometimes Xu. How do you properly say it?


I'm noticing that at the end, the character sheng1 changes to a sheng4 (from high tone to falling tone). Is that normal?


It just change to soft tone like 0, since it is on the end of the sentence. And indeed it is not 4, if it is 4, eng would be much more emphasized. you can check the online voice dictionary, word 剩 sheng4 is different from 生 sheng 0.


Is "You are not student" that bad ? Yeah, more a question about English question, not about Chinese xD


I did the same mistake as well, ohh well


I hate it when my arm presses on the enter button when I'm typing the answer.-_-


Has this app with speaking exercise or can you write in chinese or piyin as answer?


Cmon... You are not student vs You are not a student


The a is necessary in English. Proper grammar


Only type something if it's related to the question.Because the people who commented in this conversation get your message in there emails. It's annoying. No one wants that.

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