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"Excuse me, where is the bathroom?"

Translation:Entschuldigung, wo ist die Toilette?

February 7, 2018



Why does it not accept das Badezimmer instead of Toilette? Is there a different between when these two words are used?


What was the sentence you wrote? There are accepted alternatives that use das Badezimmer.

The difference is that die Toilette is the toilet (the actual fixture that you sit on to do your business) or, by extension, a room with a toilet in it, while das Badezimmer is a room for taking a bath in -- it may include a shower or a bathtub, but may or may not have a toilet in it.

Some homes have separate rooms for showering and for the toilet, so if you want to use the toilet, asking for das Badezimmer may not get you what you want.


Why doesn't it except BAD?


The three letters "BAD" do not carry the meaning "Excuse me, where is the bathroom?".

You will have to type more than that, e.g. Entschuldigung, wo ist das Bad?


It doesn't accept that either.


Can you show me a screenshot, please?

"Entschuldigung, wo ist das Bad" is definitely one of the accepted translations, so if it didn't accept it for you, I don't know what might have happened.


did not work for me too


There is one space to be filled after "die _" so the only answer accepted is die Toilette, I believe?


Doesn't accept „Entschuldigen Sie, wo ist das WC?“


It ought to accept it, please use the Report button next time to signal your translation as an alternative solution.


What does "wie bitte" mean? I could've sworn that meant 'excuse me'! But obviously not, 'cause I got it wrong.


What does "wie bitte" mean?

It's used when you didn't hear what someone said and you would like them to repeat what they said.

It's not used as a polite way to start a question.

So in that sense, it doesn't "mean" "excuse me" -- it isn't used everywhere that "excuse me" is used in English, but only in some of the situations.


the toilets in English is the very polite way of asking where the toilets are. the place where you have a shower is not the toilet

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