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confusing caption in Food skill

Since "yai" is only "egg" (singular), I don't think "eggs" should be included when the word is introduced. It's confusing, making one think that "yai" is one of the many Swahili words where plural and singular are not immediately distinguishable.

February 7, 2018



a good point, Was this caption in the food category or under the class it is in? Yai/ mayai


It's in "Food." "Mayai" is introduced there as well, but separately.


I hate that in those activities, the only thing you can report is a picture not matching the word :-/ I swear Duolingo used to be a lot better.


Yeah, there used to be a report option where you could write things. It didn't occur on these kinds of questions, but if you were really motivated at least you could write a comment somewhere in a venue specifically aimed at course contributors.

I do understand why it probably got removed, though: most people didn't use that option for anything useful or beneficial, so it was just in its vast majority more useless, and some downright insulting, stuff for contributors to have to delete.

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