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  5. Why is Apfel a masculine noun?


Why is Apfel a masculine noun?

The question showed me a picture of apples, and asked me what the German spelling was. I said "Das Apfel", and it said it should be "Der Apfel" -- I don't understand why?

March 31, 2012



doc9139 is correct, there's often no concrete relationship between a noun and its gender, you must simply learn the gender with the noun. However, there are certain patterns, which this webpage explains http://www.vistawide.com/german/grammar/german_nouns.htm


there is no real answer to why languages pick a certain gender for certain nouns ... in german 'skirt' is masculine --- Der Rock. You just have to remember the gender with the noun -- odd side note, it reminds me of the old Laurie Anderson song with the line "Que es mas macho? lightbulb or pineapple?"

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