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Difference betwixt 's' and 'ß' ??

Any input is appreciated !

February 7, 2018



A single s can have three sounds:

  • Z in the beginning of a word or syllable: Sie, sagen, soll, diese, Phase.
  • SH in the beginning of a word, followed by P or T: sprechen, Stadt, Stuhl.
  • S in other cases: was, das, skeptisch, bist.

Both ss and ß have the same sound. There is a very short rule for the usage of ß.

  • After long vowels and digraphs (vowel combinations): Fuß, weiß, Straße.
  • You can replace it by ss if your keyboard don't have the letter ß.
  • In uppercase letters you cam replace it by SS or use the uppercase version (not found in most keyboards now): FUSS, WEISS.

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TaylorHenrique - There is an uppercase Eszett? Does it look different than: ß?


The user Nuno275251 posted an incredible interesting and useful video link about that some days ago.

Here's the original comment.

[deactivated user]

    Indeed, those tell everything you want to know about the ß.

    Thanks for the shout-out.

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    MichaPau - Very useful, informative and fun videos. Again a thanks to Nuno.

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