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Kiel oni diras...

Kiel oni diras "stoned" en Esperanto? Ne kun rokoj, bonvolu. ;)

February 7, 2018



Ne kun rokoj...

why not just use the word for "high"?


Kun rokoj...

Other than being used as a reference to actual stoning to death, the word "stone" has been used as an adjective for centuries to describe things that have or have taken on the properties of a stone (stone-cold, stone-dead, blind as a stone, etc). For a lot of people, THC makes them lazy.

It would make sense to me in that respect to say "ŝtonigita" to metaphorically describe something (or rather someone) that has taken on the motionless/reactionless property of a stone.

"ŝtonigita" = ŝtono (stone) + igi (to become) + ita (past passive participle to make it an adjective)

this is the same as how the word "simpligita" translates to English as "simplified"

"simpligita" = simpla (simple) + igi (to become) + ita (past passive participle)


"Ĉi tio estas versio simpligita" = This is a simplified version.

"Adomo estas tre ŝtonigita." = Adam is proper stoned.


Hmmm, Wells says (kanab) ebria - So kanabebria seems fairly unambiguous and avoids the alcohol assumption of just 'ebria'


Jen tikla demando. Unue, mi pensis ke 'ebria' taŭgas, sed laŭ PIV tiu vorto temas nur pri alkoholo. Tamen, eble 'drogebria' taŭgas.


Dankon multe! Tio faros!

[deactivated user]

    I also see 'stupora" (or perhaps stuporiĝa?) (http://vortaro.net/#stupora) tho I dont find any hits on http://tekstaro.com/, where I like to look for examples

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