"Chimistele citesc cartea sa."

Translation:The chemists read his book.

February 7, 2018

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Can it possibly be "her book" ?


I agree with JaclynWomack, but this sentence is confusing in English because they use "sa," meaning "his" book, but the reference subject is plural "chemists" or "Chimestele." This would require the owner of the book being referenced in an earlier sentence. The more natural standalone sentence would be "The chemists read John's book," or some similar male name.


The chemist reads his book or is this past tense?


I believe the sentence means that more than one chemist read/they are reading (or read/past tense) his book.


Who does "his" refer to. I don't think that it refers to the chemists, but there's nobody else mentioned in the sentence, leading me to think the sentence is incomplete.

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