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"To nebyla příliš dobrá kniha."

Translation:That was not a very good book.

February 7, 2018



does velmi instead of prilis work here also?


It is accepted, although perhaps not in your exact attempt. I think příliš is better, but it is acceptable.


"To nebyla velmi dobrá kniha" is wrong? Is "a very good=příliš dobrá? I thinked that "too good"= příliš dobrá", or is it an idiom? Thanks.


I (native AmE) don't like it either. Saying "that is a not too good book"would be like writing "that is a not too good sentence." Would it be understood? Probably. Would it be correct? No. The tricky bit is that příliš pops up often as "too" or "too much" in translations, but "too" just doesn't work in this sentence. So it's good to know that it can also be used as "very" in certain contexts.


"To nebyla velmi dobrá kniha" is accepted. You can say "This book is not too good", but I am not very sure about "not too good book", I do not like it.


I wasn't sure whether to report my opinion. I did get this correctly, but I feel a better choice of words in English for what I think is meant by the Czech statement (and closer to the literal) is "That was not too good a book". No real idea why an extra "a" would be used (for emphasis perhaps?) and I've been speaking it for 72 years!


Thank you for the suggestion. I have added this as an accepted translation, consistent with our practice in a similar exercise.


Why not "it wasn't such a good book"?


That is "Nebyla to tak dobrá kniha." (the completely direct translation with "taková" does not work that well in Czech)


Why not "The book was not too good."?


That is: Ta kniha nebyla příliš dobrá.

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