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German PenPal

Hello Everybody!

I am looking for a German penpal in order to practice my dusty German. I would really like to master it as much as possible and the best way in my opinion would be to use it in real life instead having glued to textbooks all day long.

I am currently studying in Hungary (American Studies MA) which I hopefully end soon with my state exam in June.

If anybody is willing to give me any suggestions (or the opportunity to chat in German), I would really appreciate it. It does not matter to me wheter it is postcrossing or emailing, I just want to talk, that's all.

It goes without saying that I am signed up for PenPalWord (which I consider the one and only online pen pal surface) but I firmly belive I am not the only one facing this problem.

Most of the poeple who write to me (or I write to them, which is usally the case) stop completely after one or two letter which makes things really hard.

I would be more than glad if somebody could help me!

I wish you guys all the best and successes in your language learning process(es)


Bence Zubor

February 7, 2018

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For writing practice, I started a journal in a word program. Then highlight, translate, and grade my own work. This requires some faith in the translator, but usually ends up a fun, and often funny experience. Viel gl├╝ck

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