"Le sere sono lunghe."

Translation:The nights are long.

April 15, 2014



and full of terrors

June 20, 2015


I came here for this

December 9, 2017


What's the difference between "sere" and "notti". Do both mean "nights"? Or is "sera" closer to "evening"?

April 15, 2014


Yes, I think sera is closer to evening.

April 26, 2014


So, for the adjective "lungo", the forms are lungo, lunga, lunghi and lunghe?

September 29, 2014



September 29, 2014


Thanks for telling us that, since Duolingo didn't.

April 1, 2016


Misheard once again, and didn't even think of "nights' as I thought "night" was "notte" and evening was "sera".

July 29, 2014


Please, can anyone make clear what is the period of time of "pomeriggio", "sera" and "notte"? Just like this: night is from 6 pm until midnight or until the sunset.

I invoke f.formica to help, because I really need help with this.

Also, how do Italians call the period of time between midnight and the sunset( the down)?

July 11, 2014


il pomeriggio = afternoon - noon to aprox. 18.00

la sera = evening - approx. 18.00 to 23.00/midnight.

la notte = night. 23.00/midnight to dawn.

You can use 'serata' for the whole evening.

Eg. We spend a musical evening together - Passiamo una serata musicale insieme

I hope that helps. 21 Jan 2015

January 22, 2015


Are you italian? Those definitions seem very US/anglo. I am sure i have heard some folk in the south use "sera" for a time which to my brit mind would be "afternoon"

March 30, 2015


No, I'm English. My wife grew up in Italy and I am in regular contact with an Italian friend via Skype. Those times are approximate, I tend to think of 'la sera' starting at 'il tramonto,' the sunset; also, I don't like starting the day much before noon!!

Cin cin, Terrey

March 31, 2015


Italians use evening for what I would generally consider night. From about 5pm - 11pm seems to classify as evening. Whereas in Australia I'd say from about 5-7/8 would be evening

February 29, 2016


I think that is pretty much what I wrote [ above]. Are you claiming that Australians say that the evening ends and night starts at about 7 - 8 in the evening?

La tramonte = the sunset, or dusk - from old English [ǣfnung]- the start of the evening. Don't forget that this changes throughout the year. By your definition, at the north and south poles, at certain times of the year, the night starts before evening.

February 29, 2016


In Italia si dice buona notte solo quando ci si saluta per andare via dopo le ore 23.00. Quando , per esempio, si arriva al bar o in pizzeria anche tardi dopo le 23.00 si dice buona sera. Buona notte quando si va via.

October 4, 2017


Thank you Annasci0 for correcting DL ! Please keep it up...

December 26, 2018


I recall learning in French class that 'afternoon' is 12:01pm-7pm, 'evening' is from 7pm-10pm (or from after the evening meal until bedtime) and 'night' is after 10pm (or bedtime). These of course are not strict definitions, just general guidelines.

September 29, 2014


Why not "The nights they are long" ?

April 8, 2016


I think you mean - Why not 'The nights they are long?' Not - Why no...

Don't forget that in Italian you don't usually need to add the 'io' for the singular, or the 'loro' for the plural, when using the verb. ['io sono - I am' or 'loro sono - they are.'] In English or Italian, one would only insert the 'they' to add emphasis - 'The nights, they are long.' Or in Italian - 'Le notti, loro sono lunghe.

And as others have noted: sera/sere = evening/evenings, notte/notti = night/nights

I hope that helps = 9 April, 2016

April 9, 2016


It helped me. Thanks!

April 6, 2018


Nell'inverno, sì

December 30, 2016


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March 26, 2019


And the day is young...

February 8, 2016


The winter is coming!

March 12, 2017


I hate that on the microphone ones there's no "cant speak right now" option like on mobile. I CANT SPEAK RIGHT NOW, DUOLINGO

April 11, 2017


E gli giorni sono brevi.

February 24, 2018


Sei sola?

March 24, 2018


Why is it lungo but lunghe with h?

April 12, 2019
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