What Is The Difference?

what is the difference between sino-Korean and Native korean??

EX: the numbers in sino-Korean are the simple ones (il, I, Sam, Sa...... the ones in native korean (Hana, Dul, Set......

February 7, 2018


키렐키렐 from Finland explained quite well :D In a nutshell,

1) Both are used in different context.

Sino-Korean words are more likely used in formal context (ex. public sector, college textbooks, written comm. etc.)

Native Korean words are more frequently used in casual, context (ex. conversation, literature, lyrics)

Yet, for some concepts, sometimes we just have Sino-Korean version words rather than both sino-Korean and native Korean word.

Thus, even lyrics of some K-pop songs can end up using many Sino-Korean words such as this:

2) Sino-Korean words are made up of Hanja(aka Chinese characters) and they tend to have more regular patterns. If you spot which Hanja was used to form that Sino-Korean word, you can more easily guess the meaning of new sino-Korean words or enlarge your vocabulary. The below 2 links should help your understanding:

February 7, 2018

Thank you soo much I really appreciate it

March 7, 2018
February 7, 2018

thank you for helping me I really need all the help I can get

March 7, 2018

iamDEEbest, is V your profile picture???

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March 7, 2018
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