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"Where are you in the afternoon?"


February 7, 2018



下午 can be placed also at the beginning of the sentence, just before the subject. Please look at this explanation:

"Time words can appear in one of two positions in the sentence in Chinese: either at the beginning of the sentence (before the subject), or directly after the subject. The structures are:

Time + Subj. + Verb + Obj.

Subj. + Time + Verb + Obj."

Source: https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Time_words_and_word_order

Can someone add the other alternative, please?


下午你在哪儿? same


I found it quite irritating too


I placed xia wu in the beginning and Dou has termed it wrong


Me, too! This is very frustrating because DL is not consistent.


I have had some difficulties with this particular series of translations. It is very confusing and there really isn't any good information in the helper text.

I asked my private Chinese teacher and she said that either or works. That is to say the translation can be either 你下午在哪儿 or 下午你在哪儿. She reiterated to me that when translating, the word order should be "at some place, do some thing".


Can i use 哪里 instead of 哪儿?


please change this broken English! the simple present tense is used mostly for habitual actions, so the only "correct" English version of this would imply that. There is no word for word English translation for most sentences like this, so please stop using them, or change the English translations. This could actually reinforce improper grammar for someone whose native language isn't English and is using duolingo to learn other languages.


'In the afternoon' is perfectly good for a habitual action in the US Pacific Northwest, Intermountain West, and Midwest. Possibly other places too.


I don't understand when you need to write or don't " 今天“ in the afternoon and/ or in the evening?


I entered exactly the same sentence but it was not accepted!

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