Occitan is a really interesting regional language of France, which has recently been dying. It would be really cool if a course for English to Occitan or French to Occitan was developed for people who want to know the language. (Put under French because many people falsely think of it as a French dialect)

February 7, 2018


Honestly, I would LOVE to learn Occitan!

Did you add it to the list/upvote it?

@yourbuddy Hi, Occitan is not dying. This is ma second maternal langage and I am 44. Occitan was on a half of surface of France during centuries. It was " langa d'oc " versus "langa d'oil" (wich became french). It has same root as Catalan and my father, who is fluent in Occitan, can understand 80% of a discussion with a Catalan. Occitan is learn nowadays in schools called "Calandretas". It's for babies until 6. And now some primary schools (from 6 to 10 years) learn occitan to children. It's a very colored and strong langage ! I agree : Occitan is not a french dialect. It's another langage ! :)

I hope that Duolingo will have Occitan to learn :) I understand this langage very well... but I can't speak ! I do not know how to use the right form of verb, nor find adverbs. If I understand sentences form somebody, I do it unconsciously (this is my second maternel langage). So I'm not able to create usual respons ! To learn it as in school would be so great ! :D

I really want to learn it, it would be amazing to have an Occitan course on Duolingo !!

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