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"I run for an hour, then I swim for half an hour."

Translation:Eu alerg o oră, apoi eu înot o jumătate de oră.

February 7, 2018



✅ "...pentru o oră / pentru o jumătate de oră" should also be accepted.

It currently isn't.


"Eu inot o ora jumatate" is also a correct way of speaking in Romanian, not only "inot o jumatate de ora"


Why "alerg o ora" but " inot o jumatate de ora"? Why is not required "de" in the first case?


And one more question- " eu fug o ora atunci eu inot o jumatate de ora" wasn't accepted. Why?


The ostensible answer seems overly formal. I had "Alerg o oră, apoi înot jumate oră."


Re: "Eu alerg o oră, apoi eu înot o jumătate de oră." I omitted "eu" from two places in this translation and Duo accepted. (Sept. 19, 2020).

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