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How do you know if its Masculine or Feminine?

My question is the title. What I normally do with 'une' and 'un' (not all words go with this but I find that most do) that you use 'une' when there is a word (a noun) that ends with an 'e' and with 'un' when it doesn't end with an 'e'.

But I want to know I more accurate way to know if the word is feminine or masculine.

February 7, 2018



I don't know if there are many tricks, but one trick is that fruits are mostly feminine.


Except when they aren't!

un abricot (an apricot), un kiwi (a kiwi), un citron (a lemon), un limon (a lime), un pamplemousse (a grapefruit), un ananas (a pineapple) du raisin (grapes)...


https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1101225 If you use tiny cards there is a deck called French Gender Hacker by French Lover (not me) that I found really helpful. At the beginning it is best to best to memorize the gender of each noun, as there is no simple rule, but my personal rule is if I don’t know the gender I think of a word with a gender I do know that has similar spelling and make a guess based on that. It’s not a foolproof system, but it works well enough for me.


le is masculine and la is feminine


I know that, but how do you know the nouns are masculine or not. Le and la are pretty easy to know if its M or F.


You just have to memorize everything, there's no real way to tell.


Unfortunately there is no "e" rule, and in fact many words ending in "e" are masculine. It is best to memorize the article (une, un) with the word. Think of it as part of the word. If you do that early on, you will save yourself a lot of trouble as your vocabulary grows.

That said, there are certain word endings that are typically masculine, and certain word endings that are typically feminine. Here's a great post by Remy, Duolingo: Noun genders in French

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