"Jak se jmenujete a kde bydlíte?"

Translation:What is your name and where do you live?

February 7, 2018

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"what's your name and where are you living?" isn't correct?


Seems like it should be. If you get this one again, you could try reporting it.


"What are you called and where do you live?"


Why is the plural not ok? ("What is their name and where do they live?") I can understand the singular translation (polite-form), but why the plural is not accepted is unclear to me...


I would add that second person plural forms are accepted as, for example, "What are your NAMES and where do you live?" This is not a "third person" sentence, as it is directly addressing one person (second-person polite form) or at least two people (standard second-person plural form).


your is both singular and plural second person

their is the third person plural (jejich)


I'm wondering whether this sentence would be polite as it stands in Czech on the basis that it uses the formal polite form? In english it would not be polite unless prefaced by something like " would you mind telling me ...." but would be something the police might ask if they stopped you on the street.


I can"t address your question on the Czech side. But for others who may be wondering...

On the English side, I agree that the sentence is something that might be asked by the police. But it could also be used in an informal setting.

Let's say you go an event with a new friend from school. You meet up with some people your friend knows, but you have never met them before. You could reasonably say something like, "Hi, I'm X and I just moved here recently. I live on the other side of town. What are your names and where do you live?"

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