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A little question / suggestion

I've been using Duolingo to learn French for quite a while now and have noticed something. Is there a way to make most of the exercises from English to French? I find that this helps me to actually recall the vocabulary rather than passively remembering the meaning when I see the French. This could really apply to all languages as well.

If it's not a current possibility, could the Duolingo staff consider this to be an addition to the site. Maybe an option through the store?

February 7, 2018



I see you have a US flag next to your name. Is this the reverse tree EN→FR speakers? If not, I highly recommend it as it most of the sentences are in English requiring French translations. Hint though, turn of the speaker (and mic) or listening to English (if it is your first language) will drive you nuts.


Yes it is the reverse tree. It's very helpful for this kind of stuff. I just found that there were too many exercises testing my English, which is fair. I just wanted it to be more French focused. However, thank you for that.

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