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How do we add our friends to a club?

I have friends on Duolingo. We'd like to be in a club together to practice French writing and comprehension, but how do I add them? The only place I can chat with folks is in a club, but if I am in a club, then I can't create a new club. If I leave the club to create a new club, then I'm no longer in the old club to give them the new club code. And if I leave a club, I'm probably not going to be able to get back into it to give others the new club code. It seems like Duolingo used to have a way to communicate with others but it's no longer available? Was there a problem such that this was removed? Part of learning is communicating with others. If we can't communicate, how can we add this dimension for learning? I'm enjoying using Duolingo except for this very frustrating aspect. Am I missing something?

February 7, 2018



You don't have to leave your current club and create a new one so that you can invite your friends. Just make sure your current club does not have 15 members (the maximum number allowed). If it does, remove a few members that you can do away with. Then click "INVITE" at the top of your club's weekly leaderboard and you will see the invite code that you can share with your friends to join your club. Remember that you can not be in 2 or more clubs at the same time for each language you're learning. This means your friends will have to quit any other club in which they are members so that they can join yours. PS: You can choose Duolingo not to recommend your club to the public so that only friends with your code can join, just click on "Edit" near the club's badge and change the setting. Good luck.


Use a discussion to share codes and organize a new club


I have the same question.

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