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Hallo! I absolutely love german music but I have a hard time finding artists I like. Could I get recommendations? I listen to almost exclusively rock in its many forms, especially classic rock but I also love alternative rock and other styles. The German artists that I like are Joris and 8kids. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Danke!

February 7, 2018



Du Hast - Rammstein

[deactivated user]

    That is the "Darude - Sandstorm" version for German.


    Naa, it's much better :)

    1. Scorpions Glam metal, Heavy metal, Hard rock
    2. Rammstein Industrial metal, Gothic metal, Industrial music
    3. Kraftwerk Krautrock, Synthpop, Electronic music
    4. Die Toten Hosen Crossover thrash, Heavy metal, Alternative rock
    5. Helloween Progressive metal, Melodic music, Power metal
    6. Neu! Krautrock, Electronic music, Protopunk
    7. Amon Düül II Krautrock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock
    8. CAN Krautrock, Rock music, Electronic music
    9. Accept Glam metal, Thrash metal, Power metal
    10. Tangerine Dream Krautrock, New Age music, Electronic music

    These aren't in any particular order. I just listed them as they came to mind. Hope you enjoy!



    Die Fantastischen Vier! Intelligent German Rap with little obscenity. Should be good to understand for learners. Trust me, you'll enjoy listening to rap :) https://youtu.be/6GOrlb79bp0


    Hi there! There are quite a few German bands/groups out there. Of course there is the iconic 'Nena,' who has made a ton of songs, like "Mach die Augen auf," which is a great song, then "Das ist nicht alles." Also, I'd check out her Made in Germany album.

    2RAUMWOHNUNG - ;Besser geht's nichts' and 'Bei Dir bin ich schoen" are also great songs.

    Check out Frida Gold, she's not bad. I really only know one song her from and it's "Liebe ist meine Repellion."

    You can also check out Megaherz. They're basically rock music. They're not awful. They were actually one of the bands that made me want to learn German. Their songs "5te Maerz" and "Wie Tief" are pretty good.

    Unheilig is also great. Kind of the same genre as Megaherz. Two of their songs I like a lot are, "Geboren um zu leben," and "An deiner Seite."

    There's faun...they're kind of a new agey pagan group, and their song "Walpurgisnacht" is actually really good, and if you're into Paganism, you'll love the video. Also, "Schrei es in die Winde," is great.

    Klees songs "Gold", "Zwei Herzen," and "Berge versetzen," are good.

    Rosenstolz songs - Willkommen, Ich bin Ich, Ich geh' in Flammen auf, Auch im Regen and Liebe ist alles, are all great.

    I know many different bands, I just need to think of more...Also, this isn't music, but if you enjoy a good laugh, check out, Hape Kerkeling and Cindy aus Marzahn are hysterical.

    Anyway, I'm happy to help if you need anymore.


    Maybe check out some stuff from die toten Hosen and die Ärzte.


    Rammstein is great, Scorpions is great too but I think they don't have any song in German, do they??? "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's ninth symphony which is a poem by Friedrich Schiller is also great, of course if you like Classical. you can check Lieblingsmensch from Namika on youtube too.


    Scorpions are the best.


    Mark Forster is great in my opinion


    As well as the Panda cover in German


    And Neunundneun luftballoon


    Neunundneunzig Luftballons ;-)


    Some suggestions here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25831420

    And this site offers great opportunities http://singdeutsch.com/


    I really enjoy the German rock band Silbermond. The lead vocalist has a beautiful, clear voice, which makes it easy to understand the lyrics. Here is a link to their YouTube channel: Silbermond YouTube Channel


    Udo Lindenberg?


    If you want noise Rammstein are very good. If you want to hear the words and learn from them than an old singer like Reinhard Mey has a broad range of work from easy to more difficult, humour to history, love songs and political songs etc. And you will hear every word. Enjoy it all whatever you decide.

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