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How do you give friends a club code for a new club?

This seems to be a catch-22! I need to be in a club to get a code to give to my friends, but I can't give my friends the code unless I'm in their club. (If I was in their club, I wouldn't need to give them a code)! I can't be in two clubs at once, not to mention if I leave my club I probably can't get back into it. Why is there no way to communicate with our friends?

February 7, 2018



I agree, I don't use the clubs, but I do think being able to communicate with friends would be awesome. You used to be able to before the update... I don't see why they removed that ability, but I hope they put it back. About your club though, you could put the password as your tagline, then when your friends see it, they join your club. Once they're all in your club, remove the password from your tagline and change the password of your club (giving the new password to your friends of course.) Hope that helps.


Clubs are helping me a great deal. We have an active club that posts a lot in French which enables us to practice writing and comprehension. We had a very active admin that suddenly (accidentally?) left our club. A new admin was assigned, presumably automatically to someone who unfortunately was inactive. With no active admin, we couldn't remove other inactive members to grow the club into something that would have lots of active members and help us. We resorted to trying to get contact info from each other and trying to create a new club with those members. Not being able to invite people to our club or chat with them has made this process very difficult. Hence my inquiry and desire to make this better. ...and thanks for the suggestion :)

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