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  5. "这碗酸辣汤太辣了!"


Translation:This bowl of hot and sour soup is too spicy!

February 8, 2018



Please always accept pinyin names of Chinese dishes. Most Chinese food in western countries is not genuine traditional Chinese dishes so there aren't really standard English names. Many people doing this course have spent time in China and know the Chinese names of dishes they ate there but don't know their "standard" English names.

In this case "hot and sour" soup isn't totally unknown but it should definitely also accept "suanlatang".


I agree translations are confusing, Duolingo counted it as wrong when I wrote "spicy and sour soup" because I never eat 'Chinese' in the West. In one of the previous lessons they even translated 汤圆 as sweet dumplings, which I'm pretty sure isn't even a 'standard translation' for that dish in English. Putting dishes in pinyin would be way better, yes putting it in pinyin does not teach you how to translate it well in English, but people on this app want to learn how to use Chinese, not become a professional Chinese-English translator.


Especially youtiao.


It may be more useful to "report" your alternative translations, rather than "discussing" them here.


It may be, but I've been reporting it for what, a year? Longer? So actually it may be more useful to keep discussing it so they can see why we keep reporting it.


In France it is known as "potage (or soupe) pékinoise".


Too hot is 太烫了. This app will make both your Chinese and English worse.

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