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"My girlfriend's sister will not eat that fish."

Translation:La hermana de mi novia no comerá ese pescado.

March 19, 2013



How about "va a comer" instead of "comerá"? That's not technically wrong, is it?


It is perfectly fine, but Duolingo is picky sometimes about will vs. going to. When the Spanish has a verb like like "comerá" it expects you to use the future tense "will" and when you have future phrasal "va a" it expects you to use "going to."


The way I've always heard it is future ir is near future or about to do. This is the actual future conjugation. Which is actually in the future.


O Duolingo quando tira pra ser chato tem que ter muita paciência..afff Também respondi como vc e denunciei que devem aceitar essa opção de resposta.


Why is "pez" wrong?


pez is a live, swimming fish and pescado is an eating fish, a fish in the market, on the plate, etc.


But both are fish in English, and maybe the reason she won't eat it is because it's alive and swimming ...

I wanted to use pez for this argument, but wasn't 100% on the gender or on the rest of my sentence


amiga is also girlfriend, right?


Well a friend and a girl, but not particularly girlfriend.


Why not QUIERE COMER? "La hermana de mi novia no quiere comer ese pescado" I don't see what's wrong here.


that would be "doesn't want to eat"


I agree that it could ALSO mean "doesn't want to eat" but other than a verb to make FUTURE tenses, will is also used to show VOLITION, ie. that somebody is willing or wants to do something, which is why "QUIERE COMER" should ALSO be accepted!


i think i understand... lo que sucede es que creo que es muy poco común traducir una oración de este tipo a "quiere comer", quizá la idea es parecida en ambos casos, pero normalmente (al menos yo) traduzco oraciones como "he won't drive" como "no conducirá" no como "no quiere conducir" pero quizá la idea es la misma... ante la duda reportalo, saludos :-)

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