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  5. "便宜一点儿,行不行?"


Translation:Can this be a bit cheaper?

February 8, 2018



Can it be cheaper? ( By the way I am a native Chinese teacher.)


Yes. And I said this and it was considered wrong. Sheesh!


Make it cheaper, Ok?


Thought I'm the only one.


Can you make it a little cheaper?


"can you make it a bit cheaper" is accepted so that should also be OK


I think "A bit cheaper, is it OK?" should be accepted too.


"Can you go a little cheaper?" is rejected. Is there anything wrong with the English in this sentence?


That sounds perfectly natural in English.


No, it's just lazy programming on their behalf (Should accept more than one or two specific ways to say it in English). Your answer is just as good if not better.


Yes, it's not due to lazy programming, but rather lazy brainstorming, if you want to find something to complain about :) The person who creates the exercise enters the list of translations manually. The mistake on their behalf could be trusting their own skill too much and leaving the exercise like that, instead of notifying the other contributors and asking them to brainstorm and add more translations (every contributor can). Or maybe really a bunch of people think about it and still they don't see some alternative translations, which is expected, especially if all of them are native speakers of Chinese but not English. You simply can't think of everything.... That's why the course is then opened in beta. Through the help of the Duolingo users contributors can be notified of errors and fix them. The mistake at this stage is that they publish a humongous amount of sentences right away instead of starting slowly. And since each one of them has some problem, it's virtually impossible to fix them all, even if learners diligently report and comment....

I know, I'm a contributor too :')


The discussion place also is very useful. As a non native english speaker, I can't report, I must first ask english speakers. But, anyway, I don't complain. Learning chinese free from home... this is a so huge gift!



People are nagging a lot for a free app !!


There's more than that it accepts typos (which is fine) but certainly strict with the only possible translation entries. If certain amount of people gets frustrated and check with forums the AI must have a way of learning from forum entries as well... What I mean we could make DuoLingo way better if we don't show of linguistic capabilities but easily contribute to a pool of translations and it could be democratised with votes and gamified with lingots etc.


It's nothing to do with programming. People who are probably not programmers have to enter each acceptable variant manually. Natural language processing is not at a point where you can just program stuff like this and have it work anywhere near as well as this, which as you've seen is far from perfect.


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Should accept, "Is a little cheaper possible?"


I just said Make it cheaper Ok and it took it lol some of the rejected answers ae better than my accepted.


If this is an accurate example of truly idiomatic Chinese as it's really used, then this is exactly what I'd love to see more of please!


A bit cheaper, okay?


Essentially what I tried. Reporting this one.


The correct answer shown of "A little cheaper, ok?", and "A little cheaper, is that ok?" is wrong? No, it's not, it's fine. This, and the other acceptable English translations should be accepted, especially given the differences in grammar and word order between English and Chinese.




I said please make it a bit cheaper,ok? Is it not the same?


Can you make it cheaper


"Can you make it cheaper, OK?" should be considered for acceptance.


is it ok to have it cheaper?


This is a poor question with current technology as there are about 50 ways to say this in English. Go the other direction into Chinese with building blocks or provide English blocks. I am a fairly high level of Chinese, and I have failed every attempt to place out of low level requirements because of the "type in English" questions. This seems like a problem that needs addressing.


"Can it be cheaper, OK?"


that is not a natural way to ask. Can you make the price lower or can you give me a discount, would be more natural. Henry


Why not: "Could this be a bit cheaper?"


What about, "Can you lower the price?" This seems to have the same meaning as well...


Except for that 一点儿 literally translates to "a bit." Yes, it has the same meaning in English, but that's not what is in the Chinese sentence. They don't want the "general meaning" they want the translation.


"is it ok to make cheaper" 3 nov 2018 not accepted? wt_.


I am an English teacher and I have to say you forgot to use the pronoun it. Is it ok to make it cheaper?


too limited. I said the same thing But different words.


Please, please, please learn the different ways to say something in English before you atempt to translate


I'm not a big fan of 儿化, but I guess its good to recognize.


Literally: Cheap a little bit, OK not OK ? This is my read on it. One is bargaining with a seller.


I answered "Make it a little cheaper, is that okay?" and it was marked wrong when it essentially mean the same thing.


The system doesn't accept "How about making it a bit cheaper." This is colloquially the equivalent of the Mandarin, isn't it?


What is wrong with "Please make it cheaper a little, is it ok?"


Haha duo lingo can do English haha


Why not: would a bit cheaper be ok ?


'cheaper can or not' a Chinese Asian speaking manner. Unfortunately this wasnt accepted


They also accept 这个可以便宜一点儿吗 in case you're wondering. I dunno if it's right, but the english translation seems more fitting for this sentence anyways


Why is 行不行 not translated?


Loosely, 'Is it OK or not?'


Can it please be a little cheaper? WRONG??


"A bit cheaper, OK" is accepted

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