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how to advance past / test out of the beginner lessons?

I earned 13 college credits 20 years ago in Spanish, and have been study recently over the past 5 years, including an immersion in Guatemala 2 summers ago. I am a long ways off from fluent, and well beyond 'soy una mujer'. How do I get to the level I am at w/o the excruciating, tedium of translating adios and disculpe! ?! I do not see how to navigate to different levels. Muchas gracias profesor.

April 15, 2014

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You can use the Shortcut buttons to skip ahead, but it requires you to pass a test to demonstrate that you already know all of the content in the above lessons. The shortcuts look like yellow horizontal bars within your tree.

You can also skip individual skills by using the Test Out button on the Skill page (in the right side bar).

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