A word of warning to all UK users: use US spellings or Duolingo won't recognise (SORRY RECOGNIZE) the word - lost a few hearts through that.

July 2, 2012


We try to accept both American and British spellings. When you see one that we should accept, please let us know using the "Still think you're correct" option.

On the other hand, I lost out for using "honors" instead of "honours". So Duolingo is a little mixed up.

Typical lack of awareness. I had noticed that "pants" was a favoured translation over "trousers" (for "Hose") and "soccer" over "football" (for "Fußball"). But I would think they'd know better than to only use an American dictionary. Very frustrating for people from the UK or other parts of the Commonwealth.

feedback is suposed to solve those things in the mid-term. i'm from Spain and feel the same with Spain vs. South America stuff. just complain about it :)

I stand corrected, then. Maybe it's only the lesser known differences (like -ise/-ize).

I agree with Luis ...... It's a difficult world ..... and do not agree with some things but I think they are looking for a prettier translation than the Computer form.. ... So I wish them all the best

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