"Jemu jeho tety koupily šedý oblek."

Translation:His aunts bought him a grey suit.

February 8, 2018

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I do't understand the difference between jemu and mu here.


JEMU and MU are in most cases fully interchangeable. The only condition, if we can call it that, to which one to use is the flow of the sentence. This sentence is one of those examples. We never put MU as the very first word. If you started with the aunts, likelier candidate is MU "Tety mu koupily..."


Never say never. I've read many times "mu" or "ho" at the beginning of a sentence. Although it rapes the language and my eyes/ears.


Sorry about that. I know the feeling with English. Many of our rules have been abandoned because of ignorance. If the wrong case is used often enough in speech, pretty soon it sounds correct to the uneducated listener and is adopted permanently into his or her language....and then it spreads. :(


or: "jeho tety mu koupily sedy oblek" ? correct thanks


Yes, "Jeho tety mu koupily šedý oblek" is accepted in the reverse exercise.


Yes I just saw that! Thank you!

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