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  5. "Sorry to have bothered you!"

"Sorry to have bothered you!"


February 8, 2018



This is understood idiomatically as an apology?


No... I use "麻烦您了" most often as a politer 'thank you'. One expects the other person to help, after one uses "麻烦您了" , and the story continues.

But "Sorry to have bothered you!" in English seems to end the conversation right there.

So in my opinion, the translation is really really odd.


A polite thank you seems to better capture the Chinese meaning. The given translation sounds like the person saying it is perhaps irritated that the person spoken to was to busy to help them.


谢谢你的麻烦 Xièxiè nǐ de máfan

When I was in China, I seemed to use this more for the context of getting something but being grateful for the effort.

Mafan ni - more likely to use it when I disturbed someone before asking

I could be wrong but if I troubled someone and got nothing in return I'd usually just say Xièxiè. Maybe I should have said 麻烦您了 (mafan ninle) but I'd like to see what others (particularly a native speaker/moderator) think.


Not a native speaker, but I thought 麻烦您 was more like 'Sorry to bother you' (as in, I'm about to ask you for help or disturb you) rather than 'Sorry to have bothered you' (in the past.) But there is a 了 here, so perhaps.


What happened to the "sorry" ?

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